Can you make a tree? I can’t.

Jag läste den här underbara texten i Kyle Cease’s book The Illusion of Money.

”It’s ridiculous how much we doubt what is possible when there is a world around us that is filled with things that are seemingly impossible. How the hell does a tree work? Can you make a tree? I can’t. How do you make a caterpillar? I have no idea. So why do we think that we have to mentally strategize and be the sole creator of the possibilities in our life? It’s a little egotistical. Actually, it’s completely egotistical. It’s the ego that is cutting us off from the endless creativity that is wanting to collaborate with us. It’s our ego that says we’re not okay right now. It’s the ego looking for something outside. It’s the lifetime of experiences, old memories, inherited patterns, and societal beliefs stored in our minds that are tricking us into believing that what we want is a thing in the world outside, and not the expansion toward our soul.”

Läs texten en gång till och ge dej en dag att låta innebörden sjunka in ordentligt. Det ska jag göra.

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash