Hitting the reset button over 50

Jag blev ombedd av en kvinna i Los Angeles att skriva en text om min omstart i livet. Hon samlar berättelser från 50 personer över 50 år som ”hit the “reset” button on life, starting something new, something scary, exciting, different . . .”. Så här blev min.

Someone has said that one does not want to change until it becomes too painful not to.
That’s how it was for me.

I believed that the most important things were to be a good girl, to be successful and to be accepted by others. To live up to that I had to struggle a lot and also endure that a lot of responsibility was put on me. A constant nagging feeling spiced with frustration was a part of my everyday life until my life hit the wall. I became exhausted and the doctor said I was suffering from fatigue syndrome. At the same time I got a blood clot in my leg.

After a couple of years of chronic fatigue, I discovered that the exhaustion was not a wall but a ”door”. It looked like nothing I had seen before. It had a tiny peephole so I could have a feeling of what was on the other side. It also had a whole lot of keyholes. I understood that I must have missed to pick up some of the keys to life during all my years of struggle.

When I opened the door I discovered a much more beautiful life and learned what is the most important thing to do. It is to connect to oneself.

Today I see the years with chronic fatigue as an awakening. (What if all diseases are awakenings in some way?)

Nowadays, I love all the exciting paradoxes of life.
The more I let go of control, the more control I get.
The more I devote myself to myself, the more I help others.
The more I allow difficult feelings, the more awesome feelings I get.

Those paradoxes used to scare the shit out of me before.

My heart sings when I get to talk about all the fantastic things I have discovered, and still discover (since we are always evolving.) In the middle of the years with chronic fatigue I came up with the idea of my company Room for flow.

My strength is that when I read and listen to inspirers (which I do a lot), I see connections and draw conclusions, which means that I can convey the knowledge in a new way. The more ways we can convey this knowledge, the more people we can reach and the more people we can help out of the old world, and into the new.

There is so much amazing knowledge about life that we did not get in school and maybe not by our parents either. The knowledge that allows us to find our inner strength, get better self-esteem and better confidence, better relationships, better health, better finances, higher productivity despite less effort… simply more flow in life. It then spreads like ripples on the water to our friends, families, acquaintances, our workplaces and then further out into society.

The better we all feel, the better it will be for our world and our planet.
This must be my life task: To stretch minds and spread my own and others’ knowledge about life.