I couldn’t heal what I didn’t understand

I realised I couldn’t heal something I didn’t understand. I had to find out from where my thinking patterns came before I could change them. I found the reason for the last two years of fatigue syndrome in my childhood. In cognitive behavioural therapy it’s not considered necessary to find out where the problems come from – they only try to cure the symptoms. I think that’s like covering an infected wound with patches. I believe that ’why’ is life’s most important question.

Just because I did some research in my past I didn’t have to get stuck there. Instead, I started telling myself: now I understand from where I’ve got my worries and my belief that I’m not good enough. But that was then. Now is now. I’m not that person anymore. That person got the wrong information. Now I can tell my inner critic to shut up.

In fact, I didn’t even need to heal. Instead I got rid of the cause of the problems. I ended up in a nice daily flow.